FlightPlanGenerator v2.0 Beta 4

Added a additional checkbox to the GUI called “SystemDrive”-EnvVar. It should solve some of the crashs some people encounter.

Crashs with “SDW” in the title are probably related to one or more broken aircrafts. If you know which aircraft could be the problem, please drop a comment.


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PVM Importer for Blender

I created a pvm importer for Blender a couple of weeks ago. It’s still very basic and doesnt support textures for example.
I dont have the time to work on it at the moment, but maybe someone else has, so here is importer including its source (written in Python 2.6)


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ATC3 Language Pack English alpha 4 released

A new version of the language pack has been released.
It includes support for all airports and some minor bugfixes.


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FlightPlanGenerator v1.5 released

Changes include various bugfixes, two additional flight levels (FL270 & FL330) and randomly generated wind settings.


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Head-On Patches released

The lastest version of the Head-On patch has been released. It is finally available for ALL airports.

For more information about the Head-On patch check out the modding page.


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Welcome to the ATC3 fansite. Check it out!

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