Langpack Englisch  v1.0 alpha 4:

Headon Patch v1.2 (all airports):

FlightPlanGenerator v2.0 beta 4:
Please note that the script is still in development and that this release is only a snapshot.

Known bugs & problems:
* RJBB is not supported
* winter in RJCC is not supported
* US Airbase in ROAH is not supported
* Crashes that are including “SDW” in the title are propably triggered by an aircraft. Please drop a comment if you know which aircraft could be the problem.
* Sometimes crashes of the Atc3 can be avoided by launching the stage with or without the “SystemDrive”-EnvVar option

TaxiwayTool v2.1:

PVM Viewer v1.1:

PVM Importer for Blender
Note: It’s very basic.


160 Responses to Downloads

  1. David says:

    your traffic generator for the game ATC3 is it working ?

    best regards

  2. David says:

    Someone can explain how to install theses patchs ,

  3. David says:

    nobody in charge over here, this web site fan site is dead so ?

  4. flaigai says:

    David: just unzip the files included to proper directories.
    Thanks for all the great work, waiting patiently for the Dream Gateway translations. Would be great if there were some custom scenario packs with custom models.

  5. David says:

    to flaigai: thx for your message. Can you tell me the name of the directory ? Thx a lot.

  6. Satch_999 says:

    “Waiting patiently for the Dream Gateway translations”.

    Anyone knows when they are coming ?

  7. David says:

    to Satch_999 : hi, do you use the FPG ? If yes, can you tell me how to install it ? thx.

    • f3lix26 says:

      I am working on an indepth guide.

      For all python scripts:

      Once you have python installed, you should be able to launch python scripts by double-clicking .py files.
      You DONT have to put any of these py files into your Atc3 folder.

      The FPG needs to know where you installed Atc3. So when you run the FPG for the first time, click on the button with three dots in the upper right part of the GUI (i.e. “…”) and select your Atc3 root folder.

      for example:
      than “C:\games\atc3” is the root folder.

      The FPG will save all your settings to flightplangenerator.ini once you generate your first flight plan SUCCESSFULLY (if there’s an error, it will NOT save the settings)

      Language Pack & Headon Patch:
      just extract the content of the archieve into your Atc3 root folder. so the atc3game.exe in your atc3 folder is replaced by the atc3game.exe from the archieve (and so on).

      The LangPack should work without the HeadonPatch and vice versa. If you install both you should install the LangPack first. Otherwise the HeadonPatch is replaced by the exes of the LangPack.

      • landon says:

        i got a problem with the FPG. when i select my atc3 root folder it gives an error or something. i don’t know what it is. do you know? ty

      • Matheus says:

        Man, you can tell me for waht any one cause my game give crash all time affeter i installer the

        Headon Patch?

        I test all posibilyts and dont send the problem… plis man help me?

  8. David says:

    Thank you for your answer f3lix26, but the FPG is a files on my desk, 12,5KB flightplangenerator V2 Beta 4.7z and when i double clik on it, that just tell ma about ” windows cannot open this file ” what you want to do ? 1) use the web service 2) select the program from a list. That all I see, no window with the three dots

    • f3lix26 says:

      .7z is an archieve format like zip or rar. to open 7z files you need the 7z software from

      Extract the content of flightplangenerator V2 Beta 4.7z into a folder of your choice. There should be two files: airport.ini and

      Double click on and you should see

      • David says:

        Well, am done here… I try all that what you say, I download 7z Software, I try to extract the files from the flightplangenerator, but no way to success !
        7-ZIP diagnostic ” can not open file ” flightplangenerator v2 beta 4.7z’ as archive.
        maybe some day somebody make a free scenario to play, am sure your program is good but too many trouble I find to enjoy it.
        thx anyway.

  9. David says:

    in the all programs i can see python well installed with a menu : 1) IDLE (python GUI) 2) Module Docs 3) Pythin (command line) 4) Python manuel.
    I think is too complicated for me. am not a geek.

  10. David says:

    Sorry my mistake, finally I have the window of the FPG. just learn to know how to make a free scenario without time and score and enjoy the game.

    Thank you for your help

  11. David says:

    Well, is a very good program really, congratulation for all that work.
    We can enjoy the game without the stress of the score.
    Now just to understand to manage the FPG. It was a good idea to have a international airport; I mean Tokyo is a international airport, but is missing the international flight, and the international airlines. Maybe some day we got a nice patch for that.

    Thx again for your help f3lix26.


  12. David says:

    Hello f3lix26,
    how and where we must install Headon Patch v1.2 ? thank you.

    • f3lix26 says:

      Hey David

      first of all, create a backup of
      so you can restore the original exes in case you have any problems with the headon patch.

      now extract the content of the headon patch into your atc3 folder and replace the existing exes with the ones from the archieve.

      i.e. atc3game.exe in your atc3 folder should be replaced by the atc3game.exe from the headon patch.


  13. Anton Will van Zoelen says:


    Tried the FPG and worked fine…
    Thanks for all your hard work……really enjoy playing this game.

    Kind regards,

    Anton Will van Zoelen

  14. Sam says:

    when i install the Head on patch i go to start the game (i only have Tokyo Big Wing, not all the other airports) i get an error message stating that atc3en/data/tex/allow.bmp is missing as soon as i load a scenario. am i missing something here? there isnt even a data folder under the main atc3en folder….


  15. olivier villain says:

    FPG is working for my english version of ATC3, but not with my japanese version. I ‘ ve got 2 separate files, for the english version , it’ s lichterfelde/atc3en and for my japanese version, it’ s Simu tour/ atc3., when I click on the 3 dots of FPG, it recognizes all the airports, the planes,but i haven’ tgot any square box with the names of the different airports so I can’ t use it with these version. Is there any solution? thank you for your help.

  16. Charles says:

    I’ve gotten the same message as Sam above (“atc3en/data/tex/allow.bmp is missing”), then atc3game.exe crashes. Neither the language pack, nor the head-on patch are working for me. Default tokyo bigwing english installation from Brad, running on Windows 7 64-bit. It appears there’s some environmental variables missing that the atc3game.exe executable is expecting. I tried copying the ./local/rjtt directory into the main program directory, to make ./data/tex/allow.bmp visible, which got me a little further before it crashed again. I opened up permissions on all objects in the atc3en folder, and recursively down with no change in crash behavior. Rolling back the patches re-stabilized the game.

  17. D4Guy says:

    I got Tokyo Dream Gateway with Japanese version,but Head on patch doesnt work on them.
    Do you have Head on patch for Tokyo Dream Gateway?

  18. Max says:

    Maybey it’s not allowed but for us real ATC 3 fans I would like to point out to a very good site

  19. pseudopod52 says:

    Hi f3lix26,

    The FPG is good. Brings the proverbial sandbox mode closer to reality.

    Seems like FPG generates a stage that has a slightly different file format than the default ones. Some scenario editors (e.g. ATC3 Scenario Editor) cannot read the stage_gen file. The chinese A3S editor can but generates a file that causes display errors when you play it.

    Hope in future versions, this can be addressed. Need to edit to get more realistic stages.

  20. JoseN says:

    In the first place tnx for the FPG, great stuff… but….
    After I installed all the other airports, RJTT Tokyo being the one already present, it does not work anymore; it stops and there are no airports available in its list (off course cuz it crashed).
    This is a copy of the command window text and the error when I run the FPG; hopefully its of some use to you:

    C:/Program Files/atc3en

    AirportCode: RJTT

    spots: {‘CARGO’: [u’SPOT401′, u’SPOT403′, u’SPOT405′, u’SPOT407′, u’SPOT109′, u’
    SPOT107′, u’SPOT105′], ‘JET_SMALL’: [u’SPOT55′, u’SPOT57′, u’SPOT53′, u’SPOT59′,
    u’SPOT62′, u’SPOT63′, u’SPOT64′, u’SPOT65′, u’SPOT23′, u’SPOT20′, u’SPOT18′, u’
    SPOT16′, u’SPOT14′, u’SPOT12′, u’SPOT10′, u’SPOT8′, u’SPOT6′, u’SPOT5′, u’SPOT2′
    , u’SPOT3′, u’SPOT45′], ‘JET’: [u’SPOT55′, u’SPOT57′, u’SPOT53′, u’SPOT59′, u’SP
    OT62′, u’SPOT63′, u’SPOT64′, u’SPOT65′, u’SPOT23′, u’SPOT20′, u’SPOT18′, u’SPOT1
    6′, u’SPOT14′, u’SPOT12′, u’SPOT10′, u’SPOT8′, u’SPOT6′, u’SPOT5′, u’SPOT2′, u’S
    POT3′, u’SPOT45′], ‘INTL’: [u’SPOT45′], ‘NATIONAL’: [u’SPOT55′, u’SPOT57′, u’SPO
    T53′, u’SPOT59′, u’SPOT62′, u’SPOT63′, u’SPOT64′, u’SPOT65′, u’SPOT23′, u’SPOT20
    ‘, u’SPOT18′, u’SPOT16′, u’SPOT14′, u’SPOT12′, u’SPOT10′, u’SPOT8′, u’SPOT6′, u’
    SPOT5′, u’SPOT2′, u’SPOT3′], ‘TURBOPROP’: [u’SPOT103′], ‘MAINTENANCE’: [u’SPOT60
    2′, u’SPOT604′, u’SPOT606′, u’SPOT608′, u’SPOT213′, u’SPOT211′, u’SPOT209′, u’SP
    OT207′, u’SPOT205′, u’SPOT203′], ‘HELICOPTER’: [u’SPOTN22′]}

    Scqs: {‘ARRIVAL’: [‘SOUTH’, ‘NORTH’], ‘CARGO’: [‘SPOT’], ‘JET_SMALL’: [‘SPOT’],
    ‘JET’: [‘SPOT’], ‘TURBOPROP’: [‘SPOTP’], ‘TOWING’: [‘SPOTEVT297’, ‘SPOTEVT632’,

    ExcludeDest: [‘RJCR’, ‘RJCO’, ‘RJEO’, ‘RJER’, ‘RJSI’, ‘RJSS’, ‘ROKJ’]

    ExcludePlanes: [‘GS’, ‘GS5’, ‘GVM’, ‘DUMMY.PVM’, ‘JA0000.PVM’, ‘B-000.PVM’, ‘B-0
    000.PVM’, ‘B-00000.PVM’, ‘OH-000.PVM’, ‘HS-000.PVM’, ‘F-0000.PVM’, ‘HL0000.PVM’,
    ‘N00000.PVM’, ‘PK-000.PVM’, ‘RA-00000.PVM’, ‘VR-000.PVM’, ’52-0000.PVM’, ’38-00
    00.PVM’, ‘N0000.PVM’, ’32-0000.PVM’, ‘JA0000_01.PVM’, ‘VR-000_01.PVM’, ‘RJTT’]

    spots Flags: {1024: ‘CARGO’, 1280: ‘CARGO’, 258: ‘NATIONAL’, 4096: ‘MAINTENANCE’
    , 65792: ‘MAINTENANCE’, 514: ‘INTL’, 4352: ‘TURBOPROP’, 2048: ‘HELICOPTER’}

    Aircrafts: (A300, JET, JA3001, RED), (A300, JET, JA3002, RED), (A300, JET, JA300
    3, RED), (A320, JET, JA321B, BLU), (B734, JET, JA7374, RED), (B734, JET, JA7375,
    RED), (B735, JET, JA731B, BLU), (B735, JET, JA732B, BLU), (B735, JET, JA733B, B
    LU), (B738, JET, JA7371, RED), (B738, JET, JA7372, RED), (B744, JET, JA7477, RED
    ), (B744D, JET, JA741B, BLU), (B744D, JET, JA742B, BLU), (B744D, JET, JA743B, BL
    U), (B744D, JET, JA7471, RED), (B744D, JET, JA7472, RED), (B744D, JET, JA7473, R
    ED), (B744D, JET, JA7474, RED), (B744F, CARGO, JA7478, RED), (B744F, CARGO, JA74
    79, RED), (B763, JET, JA761B, BLU), (B763, JET, JA762B, BLU), (B763, JET, JA763B
    , BLU), (B763, JET, JA761G, GRN), (B763, JET, JA762G, GRN), (B763, JET, JA7671,
    RED), (B763, JET, JA7672, RED), (B763, JET, JA7673, RED), (B763E, JET, JA761Y, Y
    EL), (B763F, CARGO, JA764B, BLU), (B763F, CARGO, JA765B, BLU), (B772, JET, JA771
    B, BLU), (B772, JET, JA772B, BLU), (B772, JET, JA773B, BLU), (B772, JET, JA7775,
    RED), (B772, JET, JA7776, RED), (B773, JET, JA774B, BLU), (B773, JET, JA775B, B
    LU), (B773, JET, JA7771, RED), (B773, JET, JA7772, RED), (DH83, TURBOPROP, JA831
    B, BLU), (MD90, JET, JA901, RED), (MD90, JET, JA902, RED), (MD90, JET, JA903, RE
    CARGO: [‘RJBB’, ‘RJBD’, ‘RJBE’, ‘RJCB’, ‘RJCC’, ‘RJCH’, ‘RJCK’, ‘RJCM’, ‘RJCN’,
    ‘RJCW’, ‘RJDC’, ‘RJEB’, ‘RJEC’, ‘RJFF’, ‘RJFK’, ‘RJFM’, ‘RJFO’, ‘RJFR’, ‘RJFS’,
    ‘RJFT’, ‘RJFU’, ‘RJKA’, ‘RJNK’, ‘RJNT’, ‘RJNW’, ‘RJOA’, ‘RJOB’, ‘RJOC’, ‘RJOH’,
    ‘RJOK’, ‘RJOM’, ‘RJOO’, ‘RJOR’, ‘RJOS’, ‘RJOT’, ‘RJOW’, ‘RJSA’, ‘RJSC’, ‘RJSK’,
    ‘RJSM’, ‘RJSR’, ‘RJSY’, ‘RJTH’, ‘RJTO’, ‘RJTQ’, ‘RKSS’, ‘ROAH’, ‘ROIG’, ‘ROMY’,
    N’, ‘RJCW’, ‘RJDC’, ‘RJEB’, ‘RJEC’, ‘RJFF’, ‘RJFK’, ‘RJFM’, ‘RJFO’, ‘RJFR’, ‘RJF
    S’, ‘RJFT’, ‘RJFU’, ‘RJKA’, ‘RJNK’, ‘RJNT’, ‘RJNW’, ‘RJOA’, ‘RJOB’, ‘RJOC’, ‘RJO
    H’, ‘RJOK’, ‘RJOM’, ‘RJOO’, ‘RJOR’, ‘RJOS’, ‘RJOT’, ‘RJOW’, ‘RJSA’, ‘RJSC’, ‘RJS
    K’, ‘RJSM’, ‘RJSR’, ‘RJSY’, ‘RJTH’, ‘RJTO’, ‘RJTQ’, ‘RKSS’, ‘ROAH’, ‘ROIG’, ‘ROM
    INTL: [‘ZSSS’]
    ‘, ‘RJCW’, ‘RJDC’, ‘RJEB’, ‘RJEC’, ‘RJFF’, ‘RJFK’, ‘RJFM’, ‘RJFO’, ‘RJFR’, ‘RJFS
    ‘, ‘RJFT’, ‘RJFU’, ‘RJKA’, ‘RJNK’, ‘RJNT’, ‘RJNW’, ‘RJOA’, ‘RJOB’, ‘RJOC’, ‘RJOH
    ‘, ‘RJOK’, ‘RJOM’, ‘RJOO’, ‘RJOR’, ‘RJOS’, ‘RJOT’, ‘RJOW’, ‘RJSA’, ‘RJSC’, ‘RJSK
    ‘, ‘RJSM’, ‘RJSR’, ‘RJSY’, ‘RJTH’, ‘RJTO’, ‘RJTQ’, ‘RKSS’, ‘ROAH’, ‘ROIG’, ‘ROMY
    N’, ‘RJCW’, ‘RJDC’, ‘RJEB’, ‘RJEC’, ‘RJFF’, ‘RJFK’, ‘RJFM’, ‘RJFO’, ‘RJFR’, ‘RJF
    S’, ‘RJFT’, ‘RJFU’, ‘RJKA’, ‘RJNK’, ‘RJNT’, ‘RJNW’, ‘RJOA’, ‘RJOB’, ‘RJOC’, ‘RJO
    H’, ‘RJOK’, ‘RJOM’, ‘RJOO’, ‘RJOR’, ‘RJOS’, ‘RJOT’, ‘RJOW’, ‘RJSA’, ‘RJSC’, ‘RJS
    K’, ‘RJSM’, ‘RJSR’, ‘RJSY’, ‘RJTH’, ‘RJTO’, ‘RJTQ’, ‘RKSS’, ‘ROAH’, ‘ROIG’, ‘ROM
    TOWING: [‘MOVE’]

    AirportCode: ROAH
    Ignoring unknown spotType: 369164288
    Ignoring unknown spotType: 167772418

    spots: {‘CARGO’: [u’SPOT45′, u’SPOT43′], ‘JET_SMALL’: [‘SPOT24’, ‘SPOT34’, ‘SPOT
    36’, ‘SPOT31’, ‘SPOT27’, ‘SPOT21′, u’SPOT33′, u’SPOT26′, u’SPOT23′, u’SPOT41’],
    ‘JET’: [‘SPOT36’, ‘SPOT31’, ‘SPOT27’, ‘SPOT21′, u’SPOT33′, u’SPOT26′, u’SPOT23′,
    u’SPOT41’], ‘INTL’: [u’SPOT41′], ‘NATIONAL’: [‘SPOT36’, ‘SPOT31’, ‘SPOT27’, ‘SP
    OT21′, u’SPOT33′, u’SPOT26′, u’SPOT23’], ‘TURBOPROP’: [u’SPOT12M’, u’SPOT13M’, u
    ‘SPOT106′, u’SPOT104’], ‘MAINTENANCE’: [u’SPOT107′, u’SPOTH’, u’SPOT103′, u’SPOT
    101′, u’SPOT100′], ‘MILITARY_SMALL’: [u’SPOT202E’, u’SPOT202W’, u’SPOT201E’, u’S
    POT201W’], ‘MILITARY’: [u’SPOT303E’, u’SPOT303W’, u’SPOT302E’, u’SPOT302W’, u’SP
    OT301E’, u’SPOT301W’], ‘VFR’: [u’SPOTL1′, u’SPOTL2′]}

    Scqs: {‘ARRIVAL’: [‘SOUTH’, ‘NORTH’], ‘CARGO’: [‘SPOT’], ‘JET_SMALL’: [‘SPOT’],
    LL’: [‘NT_SPOT’], ‘MILITARY’: [‘NT_SPOT’], ‘VFR’: [‘NT_SPOT’]}

    ExcludeDest: []

    ExcludePlanes: [‘GS’, ‘GS5’, ‘GVM’, ‘DUMMY.PVM’, ‘JA0000.PVM’, ‘B-000.PVM’, ‘B-0
    000.PVM’, ‘B-00000.PVM’, ‘OH-000.PVM’, ‘HS-000.PVM’, ‘F-0000.PVM’, ‘HL0000.PVM’,
    ‘N00000.PVM’, ‘PK-000.PVM’, ‘RA-00000.PVM’, ‘VR-000.PVM’, ’52-0000.PVM’, ’38-00
    00.PVM’, ‘N0000.PVM’, ’32-0000.PVM’, ‘JA0000_01.PVM’, ‘VR-000_01.PVM’, ‘STS’, ‘S
    TS1’, ‘ROAH’]

    spots Flags: {167772672: ‘INTL’, 369099776: ‘CARGO’, 369099010: ‘NATIONAL’, 8388
    8132: ‘MILITARY’, 83886336: ‘TURBOPROP’, 167776512: ‘TURBOPROP’, 4352: ‘VFR’, 36
    9099008: ‘MAINTENANCE’, 2052: ‘MILITARY_SMALL’}

    Aircrafts: (A300F, CARGO, JA02GX, GXY), (A300F, CARGO, JA5963, TBA), (A320, JET_
    SMALL, JA201A, ANA), (A320, JET_SMALL, JA8300, ANA), (A320, JET_SMALL, JA8385, A
    NA), (A320, JET_SMALL, B-2300, CES), (B734, JET_SMALL, JA7370, JTA), (B734, JET_
    SMALL, JA7371, JTA), (B734, JET_SMALL, JA7372, JTA), (B734, JET_SMALL, JA7373, J
    TA), (B734, JET_SMALL, JA7374, JTA), (B734, JET_SMALL, JA7375, JTA), (B734, JET_
    SMALL, JA7376, JTA), (B734, JET_SMALL, JA7377, JTA), (B734, JET_SMALL, JA7378, J
    TA), (B734, JET_SMALL, JA7379, JTA), (B735, JET_SMALL, JA301K, ANA), (B735, JET_
    SMALL, JA8195, ANA), (B735, JET_SMALL, JA8500, ANA), (B738, JET_SMALL, B-18615,
    CAL), (B744D, JET, JA8956, ANA), (B744D, JET, JA8959, ANA), (B744D, JET, JA8961,
    ANA), (B763, JET, JA8256, ANA), (B763, JET, JA8363, ANA), (B763, JET, JA8670, A
    NA), (B763E, JET, HL7528, AAR), (B763E, JET, JA767D, SKY), (B772, JET, JA711A, A
    NA), (B772, JET, JA8198, ANA), (B772, JET, JA8199, ANA), (B773, JET, JA751A, ANA
    ), (B773, JET, JA752A, ANA), (B773, JET, JA753A, ANA), (BN2B, TURBOPROP, JABN20,
    ITARY, AF17000, USF), (E3C, MILITARY, AF17606, USF), (F4EJ, MILITARY_SMALL, 97-8
    A00, JAF), (F4EJ, MILITARY_SMALL, 97-8A25, JAF), (F4EJ, MILITARY_SMALL, 97-8A26,
    E, MILITARY, AF53000, USF), (KC135E, MILITARY, AF53030, USF), (KC135E, MILITARY,
    AF53031, USF), (P3C, MILITARY, 5000, JMF), (P3C, MILITARY, 5001, JMF), (P3C, MI
    LITARY, 5002, JMF), (P3C, MILITARY, 5003, JMF), (P3C, MILITARY, 5004, JMF), (P3C
    , MILITARY, 5005, JMF), (P3C, MILITARY, 5006, JMF), (P3C, MILITARY, 252500, USN)
    , (P3C, MILITARY, 252505, USN), (P3C, MILITARY, 252506, USN), (P3C, MILITARY, 25
    2507, USN), (P3C, MILITARY, 252508, USN), (P3C, MILITARY, 252509, USN), (YS11, M
    ILITARY, JA8700, JCG),
    CARGO: [‘RCTP’, ‘RJAA’, ‘RJBB’, ‘RJBE’, ‘RJFE’, ‘RJFF’, ‘RJFK’, ‘RJFM’, ‘RJFR’,
    ‘RJFT’, ‘RJFU’, ‘RJGG’, ‘RJKA’, ‘RJNK’, ‘RJOA’, ‘RJOB’, ‘RJOK’, ‘RJOM’, ‘RJOO’,
    ‘RJOT’, ‘RJSN’, ‘RJSS’, ‘RJTT’, ‘RKSI’, ‘ROIG’, ‘ROKJ’, ‘ROMD’, ‘ROMY’, ‘RORA’,
    ‘RORK’, ‘RORY’, ‘ROYN’, ‘ZSPD’, ‘PGUM’]
    R’, ‘RJFT’, ‘RJFU’, ‘RJGG’, ‘RJKA’, ‘RJNK’, ‘RJOA’, ‘RJOB’, ‘RJOK’, ‘RJOM’, ‘RJO
    O’, ‘RJOT’, ‘RJSN’, ‘RJSS’, ‘RJTT’, ‘RKSI’, ‘ROIG’, ‘ROKJ’, ‘ROMD’, ‘ROMY’, ‘ROR
    A’, ‘RORK’, ‘RORY’, ‘ROYN’]
    INTL: [‘ZSPD’, ‘PGUM’]
    ‘, ‘RJFT’, ‘RJFU’, ‘RJGG’, ‘RJKA’, ‘RJNK’, ‘RJOA’, ‘RJOB’, ‘RJOK’, ‘RJOM’, ‘RJOO
    ‘, ‘RJOT’, ‘RJSN’, ‘RJSS’, ‘RJTT’, ‘RKSI’, ‘ROIG’, ‘ROKJ’, ‘ROMD’, ‘ROMY’, ‘RORA
    ‘, ‘RORK’, ‘RORY’, ‘ROYN’]
    R’, ‘RJFT’, ‘RJFU’, ‘RJGG’, ‘RJKA’, ‘RJNK’, ‘RJOA’, ‘RJOB’, ‘RJOK’, ‘RJOM’, ‘RJO
    O’, ‘RJOT’, ‘RJSN’, ‘RJSS’, ‘RJTT’, ‘RKSI’, ‘ROIG’, ‘ROKJ’, ‘ROMD’, ‘ROMY’, ‘ROR
    A’, ‘RORK’, ‘RORY’, ‘ROYN’]
    VFR: [‘TRAIN’]

    AirportCode: RJOO
    Ignoring unknown spotType: 83886338
    Ignoring unknown spotType: 369100036
    Exception in Tkinter callback
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “C:\Program Files\Python27\lib\lib-tk\”, line 1410, in __call__

    return self.func(*args)
    File “C:\Program Files\atc3en\SANDBOX\”, line 960, in
    File “C:\Program Files\atc3en\SANDBOX\”, line 969, in
    airports = self.readAirportFile(AIRPORT_FILE, path)
    File “C:\Program Files\atc3en\SANDBOX\”, line 1023, i
    n readAirportFile
    airport = Airport(rootPath, config, section)
    File “C:\Program Files\atc3en\SANDBOX\”, line 395, in
    File “C:\Program Files\atc3en\SANDBOX\”, line 455, in
    planeTypeInfo = self.typeLookup[planeTypeInfo]
    KeyError: (8208, 1)

    Rock on

  21. JoseN says:


    If I try AirportCode: RJOO installation in a separate directory it does work. So it seems if I chuck everything in one installation directory it does not… maybe you can tell us why 🙂

    Rock on

    • Kahraman says:

      Josen bu yazdıkların ne işe yarıyor Bunları bir dosyada toplamamızmı lazım ve nereye koyacağız metin dosyasımı? Birde bu süre işini çözdünmü oyun bir anda bitiyor teşekkürler Kahraman

  22. Salvo says:

    hi can anyone help me?
    every time i play the tokyo airport the game crasches into windows..
    it does it only with tokyo one.. all other airports work perfectly..
    here there is the error mess..
    i have installed both patches lang and head on

    Nome evento problema: APPCRASH
    Nome applicazione: atc3game.exe
    Versione applicazione:
    Timestamp applicazione: 47a6512e
    Nome modulo con errori: atc3game.exe
    Versione modulo con errori:
    Timestamp modulo con errori: 47a6512e
    Codice eccezione: c0000005
    Offset eccezione: 0003794b
    Versione SO: 6.1.7600.
    ID impostazioni locali: 1040
    Informazioni aggiuntive 1: 4de8
    Ulteriori informazioni 2: 4de8e99268bd355fa9e28b148e6f7667
    Ulteriori informazioni 3: 0e27
    Ulteriori informazioni 4: 0e273f870609b9bf2d21e08dde45a5fe

  23. mx1963 says:

    Hi Salvo,

    You do not define the situation of your installation. For example do make use of standalone installations or did you merge all airports into one installation? Did you only make use of the japanese versions or did you merge the english big wing into it?
    Be sure to be carefull with the latest RJTTD because there’s no official translation of it and although i managed to translate the missing parts the executable of rjttd is not crashproof on 64wow systems. But is you leave out the Dreamgate game then everything should work fine even if you merge the japanese airports with the english big wing. The only thing i did not put in the installation is the atc3game.exe of the no head on pack. I’m still using the English version. I doublechecked this with a hex comparison of all the available versions and you can find it at show at address 000539A0

  24. zen says:

    Headon Patch v1.2 crashes on my computer. I’ve only used the Tokyo Big Wing version. First crashed after 2 minutes, then after about 10. (my system: win 7 64 bit, intel i7, 6gb ram, geforce 470).

  25. jumbo says:

    May someone help me? I got a problem with the FPG. While I’m trying to tell the program where atc is there comes just the message:

    “[0Error: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: airports.ini ”

    Thank you

  26. stewart says:

    I have problem when I want to install the patch, I only can found the atc3game.exe in my root folder..

    in the root folder, there’re only 3 exe
    – atc3game.exe
    – atc3en.exe
    – atc3menu.exe

  27. stewart says:

    I already try just replace the atc3game.exe

    when head-on happen, the plane is stop, and when I press take off, the text on the left become red, and nothing happen to the plane, it still in their place.. and suddenly my atc3 not responding

  28. cpt Tomas says:

    The head-on patch doesn’t work on RJSS (Sendai airport) for your information.

  29. Tim says:

    Hi Guys,
    This is where i’m at:

    1. I installed the English version of ATC3 which automaticaly created the C:\Lichterfelde\atc3en directory. (fully tested working).

    2. I downloaded all the additional airports RJSS, RJTTD, ROAH, RJCC, RJBB, RJFK, RJOO and VHHHX.

    3. I also downloaded the Head On Patch V1.2, Language Patch V1.0 Alpha 4, Python 2.7 and Flight Plan Generator V2.

    4. I extracted all of the airport files into the C:\Lichterfelde\atc3en directory (clicking on “yes” each time to allow any files to be overwritten).

    5. I then extracted all of the Language Pack files into the C:\Lichterfelde\atc3en directory (again clicking on “yes” each time to allow any files to be overwritten).

    6. Then I extracted all of the Head On files into the C:\Lichterfelde\atc3en directory (once again clicking on “yes” each time to allow any files to be overwritten).

    7. I extracted then installed Python 2.7 using its default settings to C:\Python27.

    8. Lastly I double clicked on the Flight Plan Generator file (after first extracting it) which brought up the main window for me to select the ATC3 directory with the black command screen in the background.

    After selecting the correct directory (C:\Lichterfelde\atc3en) the command screen displays exactly as JoseN posted above on November 19, 2010 at 13:41.

    If i then click the “Go” button, the screen displays ‘Enter a valid ATC£ directory’.

    Any suggestions or insight would be greatly appreciated guys.


    • landon says:

      got the same problem, i also don’t know what it is.

    • prabodh sethi says:

      i downloaded atc3en but only has tokyo bigwing. i want to download other airports. how to do it please tell me.
      i also downloaded hongkong airport separately but it crashes after one minute. please tell me . i play this game everyday.

      • Bobby says:

        Hi there! Sorry for the late reply. I never heard of ATC3 until late 2014. Anyway,
        1. Sign up for ATC3 Fourm International. you can download airports there only when signed up. atc3en has Red, Blue, Yellow, Green etc. airlines. ATC3 Fourm International has that airport with REAL airlines.
        2. HK Airport used to crash for me too. I used Microsoft Applocale on the program until I found the English Language pack.
        Eng. Pack + Head-on patch together…

      • Jingle says:

        The link crashed for me. Type in the link, but delete the
        The pack also works for the ExtendScenario packs.

  30. Gezza says:

    I installed the language pack and all my exe’s continue to work, except atc3game.exe which is RJTT (Tokyo). Fortunately I still have the English version, but it’d be nice to play with actual airlines instead of Red/Blue. Any help would be great!


  31. Gezza says:

    Does anyone know how to get the PVM file viewer working? I have the latest version of Python, but don’t know how to load up a PVM (model) file to view planes.


  32. Dude says:

    Is it just me or does the English patch not work for RJFK (Kagoshima)?

  33. Sean V. says:

    Can anyone tell me how to install new airports, I installed ‘ROAH’ by unzipping the 4 parts into the main ATC3 folder, but when I run the game the airport is not there, can anyone tell me exactly how its done?

  34. This site is not as active anymore
    You are welcome to join us on
    we’re playing with an all in one merged distribution

  35. Alex says:

    Where to download jocu I do not know? Can someone help?

  36. PT says:

    HELP!!! CAn someone pls help send me the english patch? cuz the stupid link isnt availible in Hong Kong watsoever…

  37. Arne says:

    Is that ghost plane issue fixable in some way? It annoys me that after 30 minutes of gameplay almost every plane is returning as ghost.

  38. Will says:

    The megaupload links no longer work 😦
    is there any other way of getting the files?

  39. Ludas says:

    I’m also looking for the downloads but megauploads no longer work. Could we get a different location ? Thank you

  40. hbacter says:

    Hello Fans
    Can some one plz give me the Headon patch via email as megaupload closed
    my email is :

    Thanks alot

  41. Ricci says:

    Hi, can anyone send me headon patch to my email? or links where i can download it…

  42. jackson says:

    Can someone pass me the headon, my email, may be the link, or attach the file or email, please

  43. ellyaseen says:

    where i can download tokyo dream gateway for free? reply please

  44. Steve says:

    Hi Can anyone please give me details of the head on patch,link or file or location for download.

  45. Geendutz says:

    Can someone send me headon patch to my email?
    or can give links where i can download it…
    My email
    Thank You Fans..

  46. ZeroZapper says:

    where can i find the head on patch now when megaupload is down

  47. Steve says:

    Hi Does anybody know of any cheats you can use on this simulator ie extra time for sessions etc,many thanks.

  48. ZeroZapper says:

    where can i find the head on patch now when megaupload is down or if some one can mail me at tobbe.rodie( a )

  49. Loki says:

    I too am wondering where to get these patches now that Megaupload has been shut down. Anyone have any ideas?

  50. Patrick says:

    Hi, can anyone send me headon patch to my email? or links where i can download it…

  51. Lasse says:

    Annoying that megaupload has been seized.

    Does anyone have alternative download?

  52. yu says:

    anyone can explain whenever i play ATC 3. Hong kong or other airport its always window stop working. but when i play the big wing no problem. Is that language issue? How can i solve this. thanks

  53. MD says:

    Is there any word on the alternate download information for the Language Patch or the Head On Patch?
    Sadly my Japanese is extremely lacking….

  54. alex says:

    since megaupload is now gone…any chance to re-upload the patches else where?

  55. Armaun says:

    CAn anybody send me the Language and head on packs??

  56. Tom says:

    Please, can someone send me the language pack and the flightplan generator?

  57. Mike says:

    Could somebody please send me the Language and head on packs?
    I have ATC3 Tokyo Bigwing v1.0
    Thank you 🙂

  58. kor says:

    Megaupload is down, can you please provide a new link?
    Or email the files.

  59. binho says:

    can anyone send me headon patch to my email? or links?

  60. DeathmanRSF says:

    Hi can someone send me all of these downloads per email?

  61. mike says:

    megaupload is dead pleas re-upload the files to repitshare or somthing like taht! thank you!

  62. atlas19 says:

    can anyone send me headon patch to my email
    plz ^^

  63. Matrixop says:

    Alternate links ??? anyone ?? I need it badly ??

  64. Jom says:

    can you send me headon patch to my email

  65. dave says:!download|751p4|2355561332|headon_patch_v1_2.7z|722|0|0 <<<<copy the whole link & paste

  66. ben says:

    any chance of a new upload link as the FBI seem to have stolen the site lol

  67. Greg says:

    How do you get the JAL, ANA and the other plane liverys?

    • Jingle says:

      Hi Greg. There are lots of sites that have models for download. When you download the model, place all of the contents in either ATC3/common/models or ATC3/local/XXXX/models.

  68. Vaibhav says:

    Can anyone please mail me the language pack. I will be really thankful!

  69. Micha says:

    Hi, can anyone send me headon patch to my email? or links where i can download it…

  70. Aran says:

    Does this work with Python 2.7? I only have that.

  71. Teguh says:

    please email me a head-on patch

  72. vobra11 says:

    download link reflesh please megaupload failed thankyou

  73. Francisco says:

    Hi guy. I just want to tell you the FBI don’t let us download

    Headon Patch v1.2 (all airports):

    Can you do something about it?
    Many thanks

  74. savaughn08 says:

    Megadownload site is Down

  75. max says:

    Any Scenario for atc3! any airplane! for rjttd,rjaa, rjaan,rjgg,rjbb,rjss,rjcc etc.
    I have all new scenarios,all models and what you need.
    contact to me montekristo74 at
    skype neonelomax

  76. Fab says:

    Please send me the LangPack by mail :

  77. Neigh Fox says:

    Please email me the lang pack to :

  78. Lucas says:

    Please, email me the language pack:

  79. thoriq says:

    How to Download Game ATC 3 for pc?

  80. language pack please? and i will upload it for everyone else to use. please?

  81. Jose says:

    Please send me the LangPack by mail :

  82. Joseph says:

    Can someone send me the Flight Plan Generator?
    My email is
    Many thanks

  83. Someone can send me the language pack for my email? (
    Thank you very much!

  84. Kevin says:

    pretty sad fan site if all the downloads don’t work and none of them are updated. does the language pack turn ALL the ATC games into english like the Hong Kong and Honolulu? Please e-mail language pack and head-on patch

    • Doranwen says:

      Could you do a re-upload of the English language pack? That seems to be impossible to find anywhere, unfortunately.

  85. bander says:


    please help me i want download this game but i cant

    i want full game and i want it english and all airports and real airlines

    please help me:(

    i cant download from here beuz in my country the megaupload is blocked 😦

    i want this game !!!!

    ( i have im an air traffic controller 3 tokoy )

    but it is only one airport and not real airlines ( red green blue ) .

  86. bander says:

    please 😦

  87. bander says:


  88. Prashanth says:

    Hi Guys where can i download this game English Version

  89. kartikipsik says:

    i want language pack for this game if anyone have than please upload somewhere share link or mail me @

  90. Prashanth says:

    No dout this is an amazing game and you can just keep on playing with out knowing the time. very very interesting
    . i would give 10 out of 10

  91. Prashanth says:

    Hello can anyone help me from where to download this game

  92. Sedrik says:

    Hello Guys!

    Where I can still buy the English Version from “Air Traffic Controller 3” because I only get the Japanese Version. Or is there a possibility to match this version with a language pack in English?

    Thanks a lot for your help and quick reply.

    Best regards

  93. martintsankov says:

    The link are not valid! Why ??

  94. Leo says:

    i have 3 airports VHHX-ROAH-KAI TAK (english) / headonpatch v1_2 / flightplangenerator anyone need these files ? just reply and i uppload them.

  95. Dadar says:

    Can you please e-mail ENGLISH Language packs for Hong Kong Airport

  96. douglas says:

    Please mail me the english patch or english game

  97. Vroengard says:

    language pack please? and i will upload it for everyone else to use. please?

  98. leo says:

    if you want these files (VHHX-ROAH-KAI TAK (english) / headonpatch v1_2 / flightplangenerator)
    leave your email in a reply. the files are on my google drive so i can only share them if i got your email.


  99. ZEED GAMER says:

    Please mail me the english patch or english game:

    • Jingle says:

      Hi! What airport would you like? I have Tokyo and Hong Kong in English. I have Honolulu and ANA 787 Edition in Japanese. If you need, I can send you the airport you want.

  100. Jingle says:

    To everyone who needs the English Packs or Head-On Patches
    There is a site that contains links.. It can translate the main game and the ExtendScenario Packs. You will need to scroll down a little bit. You may also want to translate the page itself.

    • Juan says:

      Hi, do you have links to download airports? i see that on the page you posted there are english packs for the airports, but do you have the actual airports to download?

  101. Ejaz ullah says:

    I need this game . How can I this game download I need a link for pc

  102. The link are not working! Please update them!

  103. Vique Gich says:

    I would like to get the link to download the full version of the game on my PC. The crack version I was given doesn’t work

  104. kahraman says:

    3 air traffic controller to be installed in other airports

  105. antoniomanueldasilvacarradasnunes says:

    eu gosto

  106. antoniomanueldasilvacarradasnunes says:

    gosto de aviôes

  107. Arslan Akhlaq says:

    Hi, I can’t download the head on Patch due to web site close. please give us new link of your download. Waiting for your new link. It should be ad free uploading site please.

  108. Arslan Akhlaq says:

    And also upload more airports for ATC3 if possible.

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  111. Aaron says:

    Yritolck inayugulla

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